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Checklist for Film Insurance
  • Name of Production, Production Company (LLC) and U.S. Address

  • Name(s) of Producer(s), Director(s)

  • Start and Wrap Dates

  • Production contact person (include: Name, Title, Phone #, Fax #, Email Address)

  • Complete budget with top sheet

  • Script

  • Shoot Schedule (One-liner)

  • Post facility/lab

  • Will dailies be shipped? How?

  • Location(s) of filming

  • Are there any Stunts, Pyrotechnics, Aircraft, Watercraft, Animals? If yes, a special questionnaire is required (contact your broker for details)

  • For Cast Coverage, Name(s) of known Cast Member(s)

  • Number of Cast Members

  • Day Out of Days

  • Federal ID Number, Payroll company (if any)

  • Contracted Release (i.e. Theatrical TV, Cable, Video, Domestic, International, etc.)

  • Title Report

  • Clearance Report

  • E&O Application