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Our specialty is Motion Picture, Television, Theatrical, Music, Broadcasting and Special Events.

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01/01/20242024 HOLIDAY CALENDARJan 1st New Year’s Day; Jan 2nd Post-New Year’s Day; Jan 15th (Mon) Martin Luther King; Feb 19th (Mon) President's Day; Mar 29th (Fri) 1/2-day Good Friday; May 24th (Fri) 1/2-day Pre-Memorial Day; May 27th (Mon) Memorial Day; Jul 3rd (Wed) 1/2 day Pre-Independence Day; Jul 4th (Thu) Independence Day; Aug 30th (Fri) 1/2-day Pre-Labor Day; Sep 2nd (Mon) Labor Day; Oct 14th (Mon) Columbus Day; Nov 11th (Mon) Veteran’s Day; Nov 27th (Wed) 1/2-day Pre-Thanksgiving Day; Nov 28th (Thurs) Thanksgiving Day; Nov 29th (Fri) Day After Thanksgiving; Dec 24th (Tue) 1/2-day Pre-Christmas Day; Dec 25th (Wed) Christmas Day; Dec 26th (Thu) Post-Christmas Day; Dec 31st (Tue) 1/2-day Pre-New Year’s; Jan 1st (Wed) New Year’s Day; Jan 2nd (Thu) Post-New Year’s Day; Jan 3rd 2025 Back to Work!more...
10/12/2014Filming in Clark County, NV_ Insurance RequirementsInsurance is always required. Nevada law states that the insurance company must be a company or an affiliate licensed in the United States and that the amount be shown in U.S. dollars in the amount of $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars), and names the following as additional insureds: a)Clark County; b)Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; c)City of Las Vegas (see below for Filming in City of Las Vegas) (1) Commercial General Liability limit: $1M occurrence/$1M aggregate [Clark County jurisdiction are locations South of Las Vegas Boulevard or "The Strip" between the streets of Sahara Avenue (south) and Russell Road (south of the Stratosphere to the end of Las Vegas Boulevard South)]. Click on "More" to see MAP.more...
10/12/2014Filming in the City of Las Vegas_ Insurance Requirements (1) Commercial General Liability limit: $1M occurrence/$2M aggregate with a Waiver of Subrogation; (2) Automobile Liability limit: $1M Combined Single Limit with Waiver of Subrogation; (3) Workers Compensation Employers Liability Limit: $1M with a Waiver of Subrogation (Waiver of Subrogation requires more premium) [City of Las Vegas jurisdiction are locations North of Sahara Avenue (north) along Las Vegas Blvd South (The Stratosphere to Fremont Street)]. Click on "More" to see MAP.more...
07/26/2014Gordon Emmons PassingSadly, Saturday 07/26/14 at 5:29 AM my husband of 43 years, Gordon Emmons, 62, lost his battle to the multiple illnesses he suffered through for 8 years. He will be cremated and we had his Life Celebration on his birthday, 08/27/14 here in Las Vegas. The love and appreciation all of you have expressed is appreciated and overwhelming to say the least, but in a wonderful way. THANK YOU! more...
The entertainment insurance industry is truly a niche market and finding the right carrier is not an easy task in today's ever-changing insurance market place. Both industries are all about "who you know" and the relationships you have. In order to assure proper insurance coverage placement, knowledge is everything.

Entertainment Pro Insurance prides itself of the level of dedicated service we are able to provide and aim to offer the best possible advice and develop a solution, no matter what the problem.
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